1. These Terms of Use concern the dry sauna in the Przystań No. 18 Apartments in Chłapowo.
2. Users of the dry sauna declare that they have no health contraindications to such treatments and that they take full responsibility for the state of their own health.
3. The dry sauna is available to the guests of the Przystań No. 18 Apartments in Chłapowo in the hours and based on rules of the facility manager.
4. Children under 12 years are not allowed to use the dry sauna.
5. Underage guests may use the dry sauna exclusively under the supervision of an adult.
6. If a child under 12 years is under the sole care of a guest intending to use the dry sauna, the guardian must provide a substitute guardian.
7. Loud conversations and using cellphones are not allowed in the dry sauna.
8. In the dry sauna, it is forbidden to:
a) act in a socially unacceptable manner;
b) touch or manipulate electric and heating devices;
c) bring and consume alcohol;
d) bring and consume food;
e) smoke tobacco.
9. A session in the dry sauna should not be longer than 3 cycles, meaning: heating, cooling and resting.
10. A single session in the dry sauna should last 5-15 minutes, and the total time per day should not exceed 30 minut.
11. The users of the dry sauna may return from 2 to 3 times with 12-minute breaks in between.
12. General rules for the preparation to use the dry sauna:
a) do not eat large meals before using the sauna;
b) do not use the sauna on an empty stomach;
c) do not consume alcohol before using the sauna;
d) do not perform exhaustive physical activities before using the sauna;
e) do not use the sauna before such physical activities;
f) take off all metal objects before entering the sauna as they can cause burns to the body;
g) heat your feet with warm water before using the sauna.
13. General rules for using the dry sauna:
a) do not enter the sauna naked;
b) use towels for hygiene purposes;
c) begin using the sauna from the lower benches and move up, depending on the level of comfort;
d) do not use the sauna while wearing glasses or contact lenses;
e) to increase the humidity inside the sauna, the stones can be poured with water and added essential oils, provided it has been agreed with other users;
g) the sauna should be exited calmly, keeping in mind that after getting up from a lying position, you should sit for 1-2 minutes as to prevent fainting;
h) after leaving the sauna, use the showers to coolf off or use the cold water barrel;
i) while cooling the body, remember to start from bottom up towards the heart and do not pour cold water directly on a warm head.
14. Przystań No. 18 Apartments in Chłapowo is not responsible for events caused by violation of these Terms of Use.
15. These Terms of Use shall apply from 2023-07-10.

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