Okolice Chłapowa


One of the coast’s most beautiful places is Chłapowo, where you can admire the beach and the cliff, but also lovely pathways leading down to the sea. Chłapowo is a charming seaside village, where you can rest in the shade of old fisherman houses, admire the beauty of the beach and colorful boats, and enjoy fresh fish which can be bought directly from fishermen at harbor no. 18.

The beach in Chłapowo is covered in white, fine sand, which is not tough on your feet. During the summer, you can have fun on jet skis, play beach volleyball or just relax on a guarded beach. In the evening, it is worth taking a walk to the beach and marvel at the sunsets, coloring the sky with a beautiful hue. Nearby lies the picturesque Dolina Chłapowska(Chłapowo Valley), inviting you to take a walk among vegetation and flowers. It is the perfect place for those seeking peace and to interact with nature.

Atkracje turystyczne w okolicy chłapowa


  • Chłapowo’s biggest natural attraction is Wąwóz Chłapowski (Chłapowo Ravine), which the Kashubians call "Rudnik". According to scientific evidence, it was created through erosive activity of the water flowing down from Wysoczyzna to the Baltic Sea. The edge of the tall and steep clif is constantly being washed out by the waves.
  • The port in Władysławowo (located by the open sea) is one of the most important fishing harbors of the Baltic Sea in terms of amounts of loaded off fish, the number of fishing boats serviced, and equipment. Apart from fulfilling basic functions (processing fish, ice and fish meal factory, repair shipyard), it welcomes all tourists.
  • Main Sports Centre – CETNIEWO Olympic Training Centre is above all Poland’s leading training facility for athletes, including the Polish national team. Here, for the last 50 years athletes competing in boxing, judo, wrestling, weightlifting, fencing and many other disciplines have honed their skills.
  • On the promenade, to honor great Polish athletes the Star Athletes' Alleywas created in 2000. Currently, the promenade is home to 36 brass stars bricked into granite panels, engraved with the names of famed Polish athletes.
  • The Butterfly Museum – A private museum was opened in Władysławowo in 2000 by Tomasz Falkiewicz. It is located in the Fisherman’s House in the lookout tower. In its collection the museum has over 3000 butterflies and insects from all around the world, which have been collected by a single family for two generations.
  • Sowiński Amusement Park - The colorful amusement park is undoubtedly a big attraction, not only for children, but also for adults. It is located in the center near the Fisherman’s House.
  • The Fisherman's House – the biggest building in Władysławowo, erected in mid-1950s as a hotel for fishermen. It is situated at the end of ul. Generała Hallera (next to the amusement park), and it currently houses the Town Hall.
  • Groty Mechowskie (Mechowo Caverns) – 20 km from the apartments; a cave in the village of Mechowo within the Wysoczyzna Żarnowiecka area, which emerged in glaciofluvial deposits of the Baltic glaciation. It is highly geologically unique in the scope of the North European Plain and has been protected since 1955 as an inanimate natural monument.
  • The Rozewie Lighthouse – located 4 km from the facility on Cape Rozewie within the Władysławowo commune, between the towns of Jastrzębia Góra and Chłapowo. The lighthouse sits between the Stilo Lighthouse and the Jastarnia Lighthouse.
  • Colorful paraglides soaring through the air over the cliffs of Chłapowo and the beach are almost an every day sight during the season. The tall cliff creates very good conditions for take-off, the wind carries you perfectly, and the beach is a convenient and spacious landing spot. Because of this, more and more paragliders come to Chłapowo every year. According to paragliding experts, it is also a good place for beginners. The area is broad, which allows paragliders to pass by others easily and to elevate up to 200 m. The beach offers plenty of space to land for the inexperienced.
  • The seaside part of Chłapowo is part of the Coastal Landscape Park, which covers a total area of 18,804 hectares. The terrain remains free of human interference; it is a natural habitat to wild life.

The protected species include:

  • common broom
  • sea-buckthorn
  • harebell
  • juniper
  • crowberry
  • common ivy
  • common polypody.

Ocean Park in Władysławowo offers a chance to meet whales, sharks, giant tortoises, dolphins, orcas and 40 other sea and ocean animals. The exhibit was prepared with attention to the anatomy and real sizes of all collected specimens. Visiting Ocean Park allows to learn interesting information about ocean-dwelling fish and mammals in an easy and pleasant way. Apart from taking a walk, you can enjoy a plethora of other attractions, regardless of age.

An outdoor recreational park with several rope and climbing routes in a forest scenery; ul. Żeromskiego 37 84-120 Chłapowo

Bike rental ; ul. Władysławowska dz. 400, 84-120 Chłapowo (500 m from the apartments)

Atrakcyjne miejsca w okolicy chłapowa

Jastrzębia Góra - 5.5 km from the apartments; thanks to a scenic location on the high cliff coast (67 m above sea level) and a vast accommodation and restaurant offer, the town draws in a lot of tourists during the summer. The name originates from the highest elevated point in Kępa Swarzewska and the predatory birds circulating above (jastrząb - hawk). In 2000, as a result geodetic measurements, Poland’s northernmost point was determined  and named "the Star of the North" – it is marked by a memorial obelisk. What is also worth seeing is the Lisi Jar ravine, which once was approx. 10 km in length, but the Baltic Sea has claimed a significant portion of it. Jastrzębia Góra is worth visiting after the peak of the season, which will allow you to enjoy peace and quiet and the iodine-rich air.

Chałupy10 km from the apartments; an old fishing village with a long, sandy beach, where surfing and kitesurfing schools attract crowds of young people. Take in the relaxing ambiance of local bars serving beer and cocktails, and after you are done swimming, you can enjoy the offer of fish, pizza and other local delicacies.

Hel37 km from the apartments; a popular resort at the very north of Poland in Pomerania, on the lovely and spectacular Hel Peninsula, near the famous town of Jurata. Hel’s location at the tip of the peninsula makes it truly special, as water surrounds it from three sides. Its main attractions undeniably include the Seal Sanctuary, the Fishing Museum, the lighthouse, and the fortified Museum of Coastal Defence.

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